Brief Introduction of Shanghai Nitai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Nitai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Nitai) is a professional manufacturer of EAS anti-theft soft labels and RFID radio frequency labels. It has complete equipment and processes including antenna design and manufacture, chip (package), compounding, labeling, physical molding, quality inspection, personalized data writing and coding, packaging and other RFID labels.

Nitai co-founder is an early pioneer in EAS and RFID industry in China. It has been engaged in research and development, design and production since 1998. The products are widely used in many fields such as logistics, clothing, retail, alcohol anti-counterfeiting, medicine, jewelry, public transportation, library, archives management, bank, electricity meter, asset management, industrial automation and so on with many years of industry experience and rigorous quality system.Over the past 20 years, the company has been upholding the precision quality of national electronic labels. From design and development to material processing, from custom proofing to complete electronic label products, from the domestic market to the international market, it has continuously changed, innovated and surpassed. It has developed into a domestic product with professional research and development technology, which can provide suitable electronic labels according to customer's needs, and can provide customized samples to customers within 4 hours after the customer's drawings are confirmed, provide comprehensive EAS and RFID label application solutions with innovative technologies, and provide better, more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly products with professional and considerate services.

Nitai has always adhered to the tenet of "quality is the core of products, and integrity is the life of enterprises" and serves the EAS and RFID industries around the world. It aims to build a one-stop manufacturing base for products and services with the goals of "miniature labels, wide application, resource integration, common price and environmental protection". It strives to become a high-quality manufacturing supplier for the green electronic label industry, and lead the healthy development of the new electronic environmental protection label industry.

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We are constantly upholding the quality of national electronic labels.Repeated thousands of times, consistent quality, and attractive in price and quality.
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Professional and considerate technology and after-sales team make you worry-free after - sales. Carefully create high-quality and stable electronic label products for you.
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From research and development design to finished product delivery, we strictly control dozens of processes and more than ten quality control points.
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