Current job opportunities
Overseas sales engineer
Job responsibilities: 1. Be responsible for overseas market development and customer relationship establishment and maintenance. 2. Be responsible for the verification of order contents, production distribution and delivery arrangement. 3. Be responsible for the coordination and resolution of customer quality complaints. 4. Be responsible for the collection and feedback of overseas market information, etc. Requirements: 1. College degree or above, 25-38 years old. 2.More than 3 years overseas sales experience. 3. Good organizational communication skills. 4. Excellent professionalism and team spirit.  .

RFID research and development engineer
Job responsibilities: 1. Be responsible for the development and design of RFID products; 2. Be responsible for testing RFID products; 3. Be responsible for the development of new products; 4. Be responsible for product technical support, training, etc.; 5. Be responsible for the preliminary formulation of RFID experimental scheme, preparation of SOP related to measurement, and preparation of testing technical documents. 6. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors. Job requirements: 1. Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, electronics, machinery, radio, etc. 2. Familiar with RFID specifications, testing, or radio, electromagnetic knowledge, master the working methods and procedures of the conventional laboratory; 3. Be able to correctly and skillfully use instruments and equipment related to their own work; 4.CET-4 and above, proficient in spoken and written English; 5.Familiar with literature retrieval analysis, patent writing and data report writing; 6. Have good organization, communication and coordination ability.

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