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Jinliang Huang, General Manager of Shanghai Nitai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.


Jinliang Huang, a native of Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province; In 1998, he entered Longgang Town, Wenzhou, China's first farmer city. He joined Wenzhou Hongwei Technology Co., Ltd. and got his first job in life. He was engaged in the early EAS anti-theft soft label industry in China. He was taught by Mr. Huang Guangwei, the developer of the country's first EAS anti-theft soft label. Since learning bit by bit, he loved his job, worked diligently and conscientiously, and was deeply appreciated by Mr. Huang Guangwei.In 2002, he came to Shanghai Essex Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Sino-French Joint Venture) as deputy general manager with Mr. Huang Guangwei. During this period, he expanded his international vision and business abroad. The anti-theft soft label developed by the team is well received by customers at home and abroad. In 2011, he was once again invited by Mr. Huang Guangwei to leave Shanghai Essex Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and enter IoT industry. Following Mr. Huang Guangwei, he began to focus on the research and development of RFID electronic labels, overcoming the technical difficulties of RFID electronic label technology. The team has won over a number of patented technologies. RFID labels are also widely used in library, logistics, clothing, retail, alcohol anti-counterfeiting, medicine, jewelry, public transportation and many other fields.

For more than 20 years, he has used his hands, diligence, wisdom and concentration to interpret the craftsmanship spirit of the national electronic label manufacturers, and has cherished the Chinese dream of making a powerful nation. In 2018, Jinliang Huang ingenuously set up a dream. As one of the co-founders, he founded Shanghai Nitai Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. and held the post of general manager. He continued to provide comprehensive EAS and RFID label application solutions with innovative technologies and to provide better, more convenient, safer and more environmentally friendly products with professional and considerate services.

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